Two moments

Two Moments –

Friday had finally arrived.  pixie and I were full of anticipation, and
nervousness, and excitement, with just a touch of worry.  Would it be
different now that it wasn’t a secret?  Were the changes taking place
going to have a negative effect on us, on our relationship, on the way we
interact?  We would not have to wait long to find out….

I was really more anxious than you were, wasn’t I Sir? Still wondering if you would still feel the same. Would you still need me and want to dominate me with the same intensity that we had shared in the past. I think anytime something is ‘too perfect’ any amount of change causes stress. Change can be good..but we all know it isn’t always good.

pixie came out of the bathroom, all girly and nervous.  We started into a
daddy/little girl fantasy.  Very nice.  She is perfect, so tiny, small
voiced, dressed perfectly for the part.  But that is not what I am writing

Why did we both mention this scene but neither of us elaborated on it. It really was amazing. Anytime I get to be your little girl…sigh. There I go..making myself all hot and bothered. My favorite memory of that part of the night was when I was standing in front of you. You were kneeling down and talking to me in that voice you save for your little girl. “Use your fingers and open your little cunt for me…show daddy what he wants to see.” Remember Sir? But I guess we aren’t talking about that..lol. 🙂

We reached a point where pixie was naked from the waist down, kneeling on
the floor between my feet.  Her blouse was open and her bra unhooked.  A
thick black rope was tied around her neck, the end laying loosely on the
floor.  It was there just to make her feel owned, and it allowed me to
occasionally pull it tight as a reminder.  I reached down  between her
legs and touched her clit.  She asked me if she could cum, moving her hips
against my finger.  I said, “yes you can cum, but I want you to try as
hard as you can not to, while I try as hard as I can to make you.”  I
continued whispering in her ear:  “don’t think about my finger, that will
make you cum.  You should try to think about something else.  Don’t think
about the time we went to the beach and stayed at our special place,  don’t think about the day we went sailing.  Don’t think about the trip back in the
car, when I had the vibrating balls in your cunt and made you leave a big
wet stain on the seat of your car.  You need to think about something
else.  Don’t think about the time I first put you on the cross.  Don’t
think about the first time I put a vibrator up your ass.”  I kept this up,
constantly reminding her of all the fantastic times we had had together,
all the erotic, sensual moments, while telling her not to think of them,
to think of something else, to try not to cum.  When she finally went over
the edge, it was quite an orgasm, to say the least.  This is where we need
pixie to provide her fabulous word pictures of how it made her feel.  I
simply cannot do justice to it.  I can only say that the game, telling her
to try not to cum, telling her NOT to think about these erotic moments,
all the while whispering them in her ear and stroking her, was incredible fun.

Fun? Oh yes…lots of fun. What a word though to describe all that. I have never been convinced that people can have orgasms without physical stimulation..I know that I have had close encounters where your words seemingly placed me over the edge. Once I had an orgasm from a bite on the back of my neck…on this day though I realized that yes- you was stroking my clit in that perfect rhythm that you  know so well but it was really your voice that made me cum. It was seductive and demanding…so full of gentle warnings it hit me like a caress all over my body. I was part of your hand , part of your voice and it all came together to pull this intense orgasm out of me. It left me shaken. I remember feeling so warmed by your words that when they finally ceased the sense of loss was difficult to move past. I am so auditory…your voice and your words do me in everytime. Not to look past the pure imagery of the scene. I was partially nude and kneeling in front of you…that heavy black rope anchoring me to the floor. Thank you for knowing just what I needed.

Later – imagine pixie hogtied, on her stomach hands tied to her feet.  She
has her butt plug inserted, but it is too small, a toy really, and it
wants to pop out, so I ran a rope around her stomach, down between her
legs, back up to the one around her waist, and returning back between her
legs.  One line ran on each side of her clit.  I began to run the
Whartonburg wheel around her thighs, her butt, near her cunt.  Suddenly,
she began to buck and thrash, and just had an amazing orgasm without me
touching her.  I just chuckled softly, and said “wow, where did THAT come
from?”  Such a surprise, and such a pleasure, to see her so restrained,
and yet managing with her own body movements to pull out an orgasm from the situation.  I just loved it.

SIR!! I don’t believe you just told everyone my little butt plug kept popping out. Its a horrid little thing anyway and I find it almost frustrating when it is inside me. It is small enough to give me that little bit of stimulation but not big enough to give me the same feeling that your wonderful cock does. 🙂

The rope really was something. It was perfectly positioned so it cradled my clit and as you rocked me I knew in a moment that I was going to cum. The sensation of the wheel sparked something and it just exploded. I loved it. But remmeber my head had turned the wheel into a knife, I thought you were running the knife along my bottom and against my cunt. Of course I am going to cum..I was terrified..the good kind of terrified where I know you are totally in control and you will only hurt me if and when you want to. I accept all of that and was ready for your pain. What a balance between the give and take of what we share. I loved being restrained…weak helpless and secure in the knowledge that you wanted to hurt me. The hog-tied part was wonderful, I missed that. I loved that.  I love being pressed down on the bed and having you turn me and pull at me. It was as usual a wonderful evening, wasn’t it?

Can we get a larger butt plug Sir? 🙂

5 thoughts on “Two moments

  1. Richard – how can you say no to that?

    1 night, 2 different perspectives. Even through your writing, the intense bond that you have shows. Lovely written piece – and very arousing as well!!!!

  2. such a nice format! thank you for sharing this hot, hot scene!
    nice to see there was little to no awkwardness between you two!

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