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My Richard is a wonderful photographer. There are times he pulls the camera out I think just to humiliate me. Other times the camera captures pure submission…an order instantly obeyed, a word said that melts me into that submissive creature that would do anything for him.

Both of these pictures tell a story of submission. One was from the other night. It is from the start of what would become THE most intense scene ever shared between Richard and I. It is still settling in my mind and I have not been able to capture it in my blog. I have asked Richard to aid me in this endeavor. He is helping me fill in the pieces.

The other picture is from today. A moment after he sat on my bed, a second after he ordered me to undress. There was no hesitation, no shyness. Usually I can hide that little bit of myself that still blushes when his eyes sweep over me. Today was like that. I was eager to lose my clothes, eager to show him the residual marks from last night. I undressed and he pulled me over his knee. He spanked me. Hard enough to remind me I was his, an Owned cunt that would do anything he asked. He told me he was proud that I was able to be casual with my nakedness in front of him. Praise from him is like chocolate. IΒ  lay across his lap and loved every blow from his hand, feeling twice as naked because he was fully clothed in stuffy business attire. πŸ™‚

I love that he photographs me. It is erotic to me that he can…that he likes it. I like the feeling of being told to do something and all of a sudden being made to hold that while he takes the picture. It is part of my submission.

Anyway…let me know if you like my HNT!

21 thoughts on “HNT…

  1. beautiful photographs. Love the one with your legs in the air. I can see why Richard does not want to let you go. πŸ™‚ Perfect HNT!

  2. ‘feeling twice as naked because he was fully clothed in stuffy business attire.’ i love that, too. beautiful pics. xoxo

  3. Magnificent photographs Richard. pixie is a beautiful specimen to capture, is she not?

    The white panties are the perfect touch. Did you plan that Richard?

    pixie, what a good girl you are. Such a good girl for your Owner.

  4. Will we see pictures of L here pixie? I have to ask how that would make you feel? How would you feel if he photographed her in positions like this?

    Are you still being a jealous submissive?

  5. Lovely pics pixiepie! Do we get to hear about THE most intense evening ever? I can’t wait to read all about it. I read your words and I think how can it get more intense? What could possibly happen to make it bigger or more? THIS I have to read. Hurry pixie.

  6. i have been drinking and drinking your posts like no other lately, mainly, becuase a lot of it is familiar… It was nice to see these lovely photos. And i’m with Naughty: Can i make #2 my screensaver?

    You’re HOT!


  7. I would love to see a picture of Richard…my imagination continues to run with what he looks like. HE intoxicates me. Please share pixie. Can Richard have his own HNT? πŸ™‚

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