something to share

I had to share this email. It made me squirm. Second paragraph. Last sentence. Sigh…

Good afternoon, my pet,

Recently L has sent some email to you. On some of these I have later seen copies; on some I was blind copied. She wanted you to be able to Reply without feeling that I would see the answer. Yesterday I told her that you were entitled to privacy when I allowed it – I used the example of my requiring you to leave the bathroom door open (a rule that I cut you some slack on this weekend, for my own purposes – but don’t expect it to continue or assume I wasn’t noticing). In any case, going forward, if you wish to communicate privately with L, you will ask permission. If she inadvertently forgets to copy me on an email, you will send it to me and include me in any reply. In other words, I am giving you, as my submissive, the job of insuring that these communications get to us all.

This is not a criticism of either of you. L is still learning about your role (and has kept me in the loop); and I had not really set forth a rule about this for you, plus I know it would be easy to “Reply to All” without noticing that I was not on the list. I am really using this as an opportunity to show her that your role is one that is controlled by me in all respects, to the extent I choose to control it. I think that privacy is a very good area for me to help her understand your relationship to me and mine to you. It is total control where and when I choose to exercise it. I own you.

I do not object, by the way, to private communications between you. When you ask permission, it will probably be granted. I can see the value of the conversations the two of you had over the weekend!! Those conversations were the main reason Friday night turned into the wonderful Saturday we all had. I would encourage you to continue a dialogue, by phone and in person and through email and text. I just want to know about it when it is happening, and to the extent it is email I would like to be copied.

Each of you is, of course, entitled to and getting private communication with me. Right now I believe everyone is smiling! I cannot tell you how much bigger that makes my own smile today. There is no disappointment or reprimand in this email. It is just an opportunity to teach L about, and confirm in your mind, your role in my life and my control of you.

Love to you both,


6 thoughts on “something to share

  1. Wow what a sentence…lol. i love it when Master reassures me of my place, and my service to Him. Its those reminders of His control that make me feel so very loved. i am so happy for you.


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