Richard · S/M


All of a sudden he was there. Conjured up from beneath all of the shared desires hidden away for so long…yet he was real. This time he was real, he had to be real. She could smell him; she could reach out and touch him. Her hands knew his hands just as his hands knew her body. His mouth was almost smiling at her and she found it hard to allow her eyes to meet his. He crossed the room towards her and she fought the instinct to meet him half way.  There was a deliberate slowness in the way that he moved, a look of lazy seduction that crossed over the fine features of his face. He was beautiful. He flashed darkness and heat and his eyes were a mix of snowy amber that had held on to parts of her from the first time they touched. They had collided again and again. His fingers were long and his body graceful. There was just something about him that she couldn’t get enough of…she couldn’t stop herself. There were times she would fitfully find sleep only to wake up hours later his name blending in her ears with the moans and sighs of where they traveled together in her dream. She was fanciful like that, at times she woke up and thought she felt him beside her, inside her. Only it was only heated girlish dreams that carried her to him, that put her body beneath his; that placed his hands on her flesh.


He held out his hand and beckoned for her to come to him. He motioned for her to kneel at his feet. He put her by his knee and his hand rested on her head. Fingers exploring her neck he pressed her head against his leg. She smelled him; breathed his familiar scent as she closed her eyes. Already she was his.

“Tell me little pet…” he said, needing to hear it before he took her, before he touched her. Before he hurt her…. “Tell me, who owns you?”


4 thoughts on “there

  1. i really loved your description of the movement in this dream…the really beautiful way that you captured both movement in space and small body movements like the movement of seduction over His face. A really inspired piece…


  2. Another way I can be with you, even when I cannot. Do you know I wake up the same way? With you in my mind, so real….. your head curled up in my arm… in your place….

    Remember that next week, pet.
    Your Owner,

  3. pixie,
    at times through all of the drama we love and come to expect from you (:)) it is easy to forget what a talented writer you are. Wow…nice.

    and who is this lucky memory?

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