submissive wanted

Submissive needed. Must be young and eager to please sadistic Dominant man. This is a temporary position. Long term applicants need not apply. He is an equal opportunity Dominant. One rule: Do absolutely EVERYTHING he asks. This position is a difficult one. Demanding, arrogant but scary handsome Dominant needs adventure minded submissive to submit to every whim. Must be healthy. Must be a masochist. Must be experienced or willing to learn about needle and knife play. Applicant must be willing to submit to the following: caning, spankings with various implements including not limited to belts, paddles, home made ‘whippy things’, floggers, straps, hands..etc. Bondage sometimes long term, kneeling, mind control and some daddy/little girl type play. Applicant must be intelligent and educated…he prefers smaller pixie type girls but all body shapes and types may apply. Must be respectful and reverent to his spouse, did I mention he was married? Give her a chance, you will love her. I get her back too. Like I said, long term applicant need not apply. He will do all sorts of things to you…he will shower with you and wash your hair..he will whisper to you and hold you when you cry. He will pee on you and make you swallow his cum. He will make you ask for both. He will make you beg for both. He will make you beg to be hurt, you will learn to take more than you ever thought you could. Must be photogenic and enjoy being photographed. Applicant must be cuddly and sweet. You must be modest; he enjoys breaking down this barrier. He will tell you not to fall in love with him the day you meet him. Ignore this first request. He doesn’t mean it. Follow everything he says after that to the letter. Expect punishment for misbehavior in the form of isolation (he locked me in the closet) severe canings and harsh spankings. Applicant must have the ability to say or be willing to learn to say certain words. Cunt was hard for me…I can say it now…cunt, cunt, cunt…see? I would recommend you choose your own word, this one is mine. Pussy is a suggestion as I can still not say this word. You will be his slut, his whore, his little girl, his lover, his slave and anything else he requires you to be. You will learn to love it. You have to give him back. You have to take care of him while I can’t and see that his needs are met. In return you will be trained to serve your own Owner one day…you will walk away a better person, skilled in the arts of pleasing a man. Your submission will be nurtured into something you are proud of, something you will understand. He will bring clarity and joy into your life. He will teach you. You will not want to give him back. Long term applicants need not apply.

17 thoughts on “submissive wanted

  1. Wow!

    Ps..Never never let L see this post unless you edit it… you may have been joking..but this post packs an over wheling punch….

    Best wishes for all..

    His fawn

  2. Wow. I could NEVER do this. I still think he’s mine as much as I’m his. I think he’s letting me believe it for now.

    You ARE a good slave. 🙂

  3. I do not think that anyone would apply knowing that you were his previous sub pixie. No one would be able to fill your shoes!

    I have been away for a while and was so sorry to read about your “elephant” and hope that your treatment is going well.

  4. Once again pixie, very timely post. i have been diagnosed with an illness of my own and i am as well wondering how Master will when i can not serve to the fullest. W/we have had all the same talks, but that was a very interesting add, very powerful. i wish you well my dear you are always in my thoughts….and hearing your journey gives me strength. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  5. LOL, good to see you drove home the “long term applicants need not apply.” I can imagine you’ll have some applicants to this anyway. 🙂 He sounds like the perfect Dom!

    I don’t think I’m quite masochistic enough for him. But I’m so glad when I see the love between you two (and L), because even though I’ve gone back and gotten more of the story–Scary Richard as a first time reader sort of sticks with a girl! 😉

    I hope you’re feeling better pixie…

  6. really great writing…very powerful and shows how much you really care for Richard and want Him provided for but not “too” well…lol…hope that you’re doing ok…big hugs


  7. I hope you are well. I have been involved with two women in my life who have gone through what you have recently experienced. And frankly, I didn’t know if you’d want to hear from me. I just hope that you are well and happy, my dear.

  8. Great ad, pixie. Much more descriptive and encompassing than ads usually posted for a submissive.
    i enjoyed this post on a few levels. The submissive quality of it, the fairytale aspect, the generosity of spirit…
    i never answered an ad, or was given to Daddy. If He was asked if He wanted a submissive before He met me, He probably would’ve said “No.”
    i think a Dom, or submissive for that matter, can place all the ads they want, but with only dubious, and maybe even painful, results. i only wish good luck and fortune for those who search for the other half of themselves…

  9. while this girl is quite happy with her Jarl, if she were not, she would surely apply. she’s afraid, though, she might not want to return Him.

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