….tonight I will show you another way to please me. See my dear; I don’t always need your pain. Your submission is enough.”


“It is?” 


“Yes, of course it is. It is part of it. You know that.”

I guess I did know that too…pain was only part of this entire thing called submission.

“Come here.” He said and he motioned to the floor in front of him. His feet were bare and his jeans hung perfectly around his trim ankles. Without hesitation I slid down off the chair and knelt in front of him. He held my face in his hands and they slowly slid down my shoulders and wrapped gently around my neck.

“There are other ways to get what I need from you.” He pushed me away just a little and told me stand up. Stand up and take off your clothes he told me. I had a dress on that buttoned the whole way down and cream colored panties and bra underneath. I stood there in front of him and started to undress. I realized how warm I felt, how real it all was and how incredibly natural it was to do what he asked me to. I felt owned and warmed through and through by his eyes on me. I was a part of him and he was a part of me and that feeling hung there in the air between us, it hung there and made all that was left unsaid unnecessary. After a minute I was naked and he pulled me back down to my knees. I could have knelt there indefinitely. My submission is something that still surprises me. I think of the select few people that have been able to really, truly draw this type of response from me….and I am reminded of how special, how truly unique and what a gift it is.

He tied my hands behind my back and kissed the back of my neck. I liked the hardness of the floor under my knees…it was a bit of pain that I was offering to him. His hands pulled tight in my hair and he nipped me right at my hairline. I moaned and leaned back into him. His hands covered my eyes.

“You don’t like to be blindfolded, do you pet?” I swallowed hard intuitively knowing what he was going to do. I squirmed and then whimpered softly hoping he heard me as much as I hoped he didn’t. He was asking so little of me…and I was struggling with a simple blindfold.

“No Sir…it scares me.”

I blinked and tried to turn to find him but his hands still covered my eyes.

“What if I took your sight from you?” His hands shifted and he covered my ears so tightly his words were more like vibrations. “What if you couldn’t hear?” His hand covered my mouth. “Couldn’t speak? What if I took all of that from you? I could do that if I desired, I do own you after all. What if I took it all? What if I controlled all of that, your ability to move, to speak, to see, to hear? What if all of that was at my whim or for my pleasure?”


I felt the cloth cover my eyes and he tightened it. First darkness and then the first wave of panic assaulted me. I hate the darkness. Relax…relax…relax I whispered to myself trusting him. I moaned again and strained to hear his voice while I still could. “Please talk to me…I need to hear your voice when I can’t see you. Please, please talk to me.”

“Stop begging pet…trust me to know what you need. To take what I need…….”  Seeing him and hearing him feeds my submission…it pulls me to him somehow and reminds me that I am safe. When he takes that away from me all I have left is what I know….the truths that he has ingrained in my brain. I am Owned…loved…needed. I trusted him, even if he took it al, controlled it all still I would trust him. I thought of that as I knelt there in the darkness feeling his breath on my cheek and he kissed me.

I felt his finger on my ear. He slid the earplug into my ear, first one and then the next and I heard the shifting of the squishy latex expand in my ear cutting off all but the white noise my body generated somehow and the beating of my heart.


I felt my body react to the sensory loss as my skin flushed and grew more and more sensitive. What else did he want I asked myself? “Richard…where are you? What are you doing?”


I could only hear my words as hums and I wondered how they sounded to him. His hand ran through my head brushing my forehead and tipping my head back. I felt his hand open my mouth and tasted the rubber feeling of the gag as he pressed it into my mouth. I whimpered and then moaned seeking and leaning and needing to find and then melt into the comfort of him. Only he was elusive. I felt him between my knees and felt his hands place cuffs around my thighs and slip the spreader bar between my knees. Then he was behind me again. He tied a rope around my cuffed wrists and bound them to my ankles arching me backwards slightly so I was totally immobile.


I felt my wetness on my thighs….a milky offering….a plea maybe. It was as if my body was saying….here- this is what I need, this is what I am. I am yours, take me…does this not prove it all? Am I not Owned? Am I not yours?


His large hand splayed across my stomach raking my skin with his nails just enough to make me shiver…and moan beneath my gag. What was I at that moment if not his toy? My skin was alive like it had never been before. I realized how helpless I was.


How wonderfully….helpless I have always, always, always been with him. I was floaty and relaxed because nothing else really mattered at that second. My submission was pleasing to him. I was pleasing him. What was I at that moment if not his toy?

9 thoughts on “helpless

  1. beautiful and expressive pixie. speaking of gifts…your readers would love a picture of THAT!

    How selfish your owner is with your image.

  2. Very nice pixie, that is a lovely description of a soft, but thorough, gentle but intentional taking of submission. Your words depict very clearly how submission, ownership and sharing can take place in a non-sadist/masochistic style.

    Depravation of senses, abilities, and self-control, creating a wonderful sensual intimacy.

    Very nicely described pixie, and very nicely done Richard.

    Be well.


  3. This post gave us an idea pixie. We are totally going to try this!
    We want Richard!!! Really we do!

  4. i’m not afraid of the dark, having lousey eye sight all my life, not being able to see is typical to me…but the ear plugs would undo me. i lean on my hearing more then anything. i really admire the level of submission and trust you showed in this. you’re a very lucky girl


  5. I am looking forward to my first sensory experience with “R”. Your description is amazing and just what I needed to give me even just a glimpse!!!!

  6. hot UNLVgirls,

    ladies, restrain yourselves! lol. My goodness.

    I find it difficult to believe that there is an entire dormitory floor full of submissive masochists! Is this some kind of “theme dorm” or something? A dominant’s dream, for sure.

    Anyway, please remember, “long term applicants need not apply.” 🙂

    Go Rebels! (but behave yourselves!)

  7. this one is very taken with the way you describe your interactions with your Master. girl hopes to someday be as eloquent. this one too, fears the blindfold, the gag as well. maybe someday, she will trust enough and be brave enough to go there with her Jarl.
    well wishes pixie

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