He called me a manipulative little cunt with laughter and admiration in his voice.


“That is one of the hottest things you have ever said to me.” I replied laughing back into the phone. That was a lie…the things this man has said to me. I wondered how I could be so aroused at 8 in the morning. I imagined him saying it into my ear instead of into the phone…


I also imagined what could make it better….


1)      having him say it in person…of course I got that last night…but I think he called me a greedy little cunt.

2)      having him say it in person with his hand around my throat holding me against the wall.

3)      holding me against the wall but with my back to him and his knee in my back pressing into me.

4)      him making me say it. J

5)      him making me say it in front of L. J

6)      hearing myself say it right before I ask him to cane me harder.



I suppose I am just never satisfied. I truly am a greedy little cunt. But manipulative…..? I disagree. I wonder why he would say that…oh never mind, I remember. J

3 thoughts on “me..manipulative?

  1. Pixie

    Too funny and yet hot….

    As far as maipulative..who isn’t at one time or another? And yes in a post or two of yours one can see you manipulate….but my thought on that is one can’t be manipulated if one doesn’t wish it…*wink* Enjoy your happy times with Richard…

    His fawn

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