the bag

She never knew when he was going to call her. He didn’t know either. Sometimes the need to see her, to touch her, to hurt her struck him suddenly. At other times it was a slow burning desire almost as if from somewhere far away she was able to reach out to him and pull him to her. It was perhaps the only way she could tell him of her need. He often wondered and had shared this thought with her. He believed their need had formed such a bond that the other just knew when it was time. Time moved slowly when they were apart, almost as if fate itself was urging them to meet. He was a romantic at heart much more than she was and they had often laughed at their differences. She had not even known a man so sadistic and dominating to be truly sweet and funny. She thought of him often.


Sometimes he would wait and see if it the urge to see her would pass. If it wouldn’t build into the ache that he knew could only be tamed by taking her and using her. It never did. He sometimes wondered what he would do if she chose to deny him; if he called for her and she refused to come. He worried that an email may go unanswered or come after an agonizing wait only to tell him that she had moved on; that she was lost to him forever. The potential loss of her made her that much more precious to him. If he could only read her thoughts he would know that losing her was impossible. She needed him. Her need for him was as great today as it was the first time he touched her.


It was dark already when she arrived and she sensed he was already there. She wasn’t late…she would never be late for him. The air smelled grassy and the damp early night circled around her ankles as she climbed the stairs to where they always met. The moon threatened to spill their secrets as it began to peek out from behind the darkened clouds forming overhead. It was almost as if dusk had been hurried out of the way to make room for the night that would celebrate them coming together.


The door was unlocked and she let herself in. The smell of fresh paint assaulted her nose. It always smelled new to her she figured it was because they were there so rarely the new smell was never able to slip away. The front room was empty but she followed the sound of his soft humming and it led her into one of the two bedrooms. He had undressed down to black pants and his hair was longer than she had remembered it. He knew she was there and turned just in time to see her kneel quietly by the doorway. His smile was large as two long strides carried him across the room towards her. The need to lift her into his arms and crush her to him was as strong as his need to toss her to the bed and beat her before thrusting himself into her over and over. Their dynamic was special, their connection rare and she trusted him without doubt.

He fought the urge to follow his more primal instincts and placed a hand on her head.

“I am pleased you came my pet.”

She smiled warmed all over by both his praise and the endearment he used to describe her. She loved him and it flooded her. Her body grew heated at his nearness and she bent her graceful neck and kissed the top of his bare foot before resting her head against his knee.


He allowed her the luxury of kneeling there for he knew as only a true Dominant can what real pleasure it brings a submissive to be allowed to honor in that way. He could feel her breathing in his scent and he hoped it reminded her of goods times, of passionate times filled with the pain and pleasure that only a real power exchange can afford.


When he pulled her to her feet she stumbled a little taken off guard. He held her tightly and she relaxed into his embrace. “Turn around.” he said into her hair turning her even as he spoke. He pressed her against the wall and spread her legs with his knee shoving her white dress up to her waist. Her panties were soon pushed to the side and his fingers were pressing into her. She moaned softly and leaned her head back against him. “I needed to see if you were wet for your Master…I should have known my little slut would never let me down. How long have you been wet for me little girl, since I summoned you?”

“Yes Sir” she whispered through throaty moans that proved to him she was his. He pulled his hand from her cunt and caught her by the back of her hair pulling her from the wall. He pulled and she followed…a moment later she felt herself being tossed to the floor where she rolled to her back to look up at him. His eyes were brutal and dark and she knew he has waited to long to call for her. He needed her and his need was great. He placed a bare foot against her throat and pressed down…just hard enough so she had to fight the urge to grab at his ankle. She made her hands stay at her sides her mind telling her heart to relax and to trust him. He would take what he needed from her and fighting him at this point would only anger him and frustrate them both. “Good girl…that’s my good slut. You know what I could do to you, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir.” she mumbled. Finding her words were difficult and he pressed a little harder into her throat before releasing her. He dropped to one knee beside her and ripped her dress the rest of the way off. He pulled her bra off swiftly and she was need on the floor in front of him. Her nipples were hard and they beckoned to him. He loved her breasts….small and firm with hard little nipples. He pulled the clamps from his pocket and placed one on each relishing her moan….loving the way she cried out. Her voice almost a desperate plea for the release he would never grant her. He twisted the clamps loving the way her skin darkened and how she writhed on the floor in pain. His sadistic need filled the room as he realized he could do anything to her. She was his. “Get up.’ he said pulling on the clamps so she had no choice but to follow him. He held her against the wall again this time facing him. His focus was her eyes as he pulled and twisted the metal clamps attached to her nipples, he loved the way they filled with tears, reminding him of two blue pools that were almost too full. The water salty water threatened to spill over but it never did.

He wrapped his hands around each breast and shook them hard causing the clamps to pull tightly. Her body was warm and damp and she had a small sheen of silky water above her lip that he kissed away before lowering his mouth and biting at her breasts. He left teeth marks in her skin and he felt her shudder.

“What a cunt you are….I could make you cum just by doing this, couldn’t I.” he didn’t expect her to answer and that was good because she was too far gone to respond. He pushed her towards the bed and she lifted her arms to catch herself but didn’t turn around to face him. She was on her stomach and he pulled at her ankle so she was directly across the bed her bottom in the air. He smacked her hard over and over until she was begging him to stop. It was a hard spanking and he could feel the red welts rising up on her skin. “What did you say?” he asked pausing. “I said ‘please Sir’”

“Please what cunt?”

“Please Sir…don’t stop.”

“Good girl…because I know you wouldn’t ask me to stop. We are just getting started. Go get me the cane.”

He heard her take a deep breath and he wondered that it didn’t swallow her whole. “Now pet…obey me.” His voice was soft almost comforting and it gave her the strength to do as he asked. She dropped to her knees and crawled across the room to the armoire where he hung his collection of implements. She carefully selected a cane that she knew would please him and carried it back to him in her mouth.

He laughed softly and patted her on the head. “You really are my pet, aren’t you? What a good girl you are. And here I was worried that I had been lax in your training.”

He reached down and tugged again at the nipple clamps before sitting down on the bed in front of her. He left to cane in her mouth knowing it humiliated her. Her breasts were red and looked sore from the clamps and from the angry bite marks he left on her fair skin. He looked her in the eye and slapped her breast…first one and then the next. His slaps never slowed but grew in intensity until she was rocking from the force and struggling to kneel there and take it for him. She took it all and steadied herself against the onslaught of pleasure pain that washed over her. His face, his eyes drew her in and she waited eagerly for the next blow…she waited for him to rip the cane from her mouth and bring it down across her body.


He held his hand out in front of her and she dropped the cane into it. She wanted to look at him but had suddenly grown scared of his darkness and of her own.

She was looking down when his open palm made contact with her cheek. “Look at me.” he said and he slapped the other side of her face. His hand wrapped around her throat and he squeezed. He ripped the clamps off of her nipples leaving them aching and raw..his fingers found them and pulled at them without mercy while she struggled to breath around his grasp.


Lifting her from her throat he tossed her back to the bed and flipped her around on her back. The cane found its way back into his hand and he never stopped to remember how it got there only he needed it. He brought it down across the tops of her legs over and over and he lost track of how many times he hit her before telling her to roll over. Her bottom was still red from his spanking but the bite of the cane still showed up….first a hot white then a swollen red line greeted him, begging for more. She struggled with each blow until she stilled and he noticed that she leaned in after that. She was lost in the pain of her submission to him…in that place where even the darkest pain was full of shooting lights and pleasure. It was a dangerous place and he knew they could both linger there for too long. He forced himself to stop and he lowered the cane so his blows now fell across the backs of her thighs. This pain pulled her out of her safe zone and she cried out with each sting; her hands wringing the covers so that her fists looked bandaged.


She was wet everywhere and her mind was jumped back and forth from being numb to a hot awareness of every fiber and nerve of her tortured skin. She heard his breathing over the whispy whippy sound of the cane and struggled to pull herself up on her knees showing him that she was there….that she wanted more.


He wanted to give her more but knew he needed to allow her to rest. He wanted her to cool down…to let her breathing slow and her need simmer. He wanted this to linger…he wanted her to remember it and not stay in her floaty world of sub space.


There were other things he wanted to do to her tonight before he allowed her to fully slip away. He thought of what he had in his bag…wondered how her expression would change when he showed it to her. His fingers twitched to get it out…patience is a virtue he reminded himself as he laid down beside his trembling submissive. She clung to him trusting him to take care of her. He loved her deeply and he knew more than anyone just what she needed. Yes he thought….she would love the new addition to his bag. But for now he allowed her to rest her damp head against his shoulder and relax into the safe world he gave her through his ownership of her.


11 thoughts on “the bag

  1. Wow, why do I find your simple comment so sexy Richard??

    (I like the new layout Pixie, it’s very soothing)

  2. All of your writing is wonderful but every once in awhile pixie you write a stunning sentence.

  3. Now you know i LOVED this. i really did. You have a wonderful way about you, these thought processes, things… i’m happy to hear of the peace within :o)

    Enjoy the new layout too!

  4. Hey, Pixie – just thought i should let you know that the new blog format doesn’t render very well in the Firefox browser – the Alex post was fine, but in this one and the next one, the last word of each line is cut off.

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