a look at my playful Dominant…oh! and a new pink friend

Don’t you just love text messages? 

“Good morning pet, I got you a toy.”

“You haven’t called me pet in awhile. Good morning to you too, what did you get me?”

“I’m not telling. And I call you pet all of the time. Among other things.”

“What did you get me?”

“Something you have wanted. Something you need.”

“A chastity belt?”

“Lol. Good guess. No sweetheart, not a chastity belt. I said something you wanted.”

“A whip?”

“You want a whip?”

“Uh…never mind. I think I will stop guessing now.”

“Good idea. I will give it to you at lunch today. Noon. See you then.”

“ok, see you then.”

“And pixie?”


“I love you.”

“Lol…. I know.”

Three hours later I am in my house with Richard and right away I recognize that mischievous look he can sometimes get. I knew what my gift was as soon as I saw his face.

“First…L’s gift.” he handed me a little box of delicious dark chocolates that she and I both share a passion for. I was pleased and touched that she had thought to give me a gift considering that our contact has been almost non existent since our fiasco of a shared vacation. I’ve missed her a lot so the gift made me smile. I really, really like her. I feel like under any other circumstances I could have such an amazing relationship with her. She is gracious and kind...beautiful for a woman her age and sophisticated.

“Now…this is from me.”

“I know what it is.” I told him and he smiled at me and laughed. He helped me open it and placed it in my hand. It felt rubbery and heavy.

He smiled…this time bigger. “It’s pink!” he laughed quite pleased with himself.

“This one will stay where I put it. What do you think?”

“I think…well, I think that it is too big.”

More laughing.

“No pixie pie it looks bigger than it is. Look here at this part. This is the thickest part and once it is in...well, that is the worst part. You’ll close around this narrow part and it will be nice and tight.”

“It’s big.”

“Thank your owner for thinking of you.”

I stood on my tippy toes and kissed his cheek. “Thank you. Will we use it Thursday night?”

Thursday was our planned night together this week.

“No. We’ll us it now.” Uh...what, I thought. No way.

“We can’t…there is no way. I have to go back to my office. Plus...I don’t have any lubricant.”

“Yes I know you have to go back to work. You will wear this for me back to work. As far as the lack of lubricant; that is not my problem pet…you are to have all of that for us. It is really the only responsibility I have given you, that and cleaning the apartment.”

I didn’t say anything about that. I didn't want that brought up at all. I hadn’t been a very good submissive regarding our apartment. It only needs dusting, vacuuming and clean towels/sheets but I rarely find the time to do it. We really need a maid there once a month.

He followed me upstairs to my bedroom and I felt extremely self conscious with him walking close behind me. His hand stayed on my lower back as we walked upstairs but he kept playfully slipping his hand up the back of my skirt.

“What’s this? Panties?” He looked me a little disapprovingly but I could still see a tease in his eyes. Looks like that stop my heart. 

“Yes Sir…I just forgot….”

“It’s OK pet…let me see.”

By now we were in my bedroom and he told me to bend over the bed. He flipped my skirt up and told me my panties were so cute he could forgive me for leaving them on.

“Now…what are going to do about lube?” he queried as he started to touch me with the new plug…he rubbed it around and pressed it a little inside my cunt.

“I think you are wet enough so I could just use your own juices…or I could use toothpaste.”

“Toothpaste?” I said almost standing up but he pushed me right back down.

“Yes..toothpaste, can you imagine how that would hurt?”

“And I would be minty fresh too.”

He laughed but he said.. “One day we’ll do that…today since this is a new plug and I am sending you right back to work after I spank you I will use your cunt juice.”

He started to work it up inside of me. At first it was alright and then as it got thicker I felt myself stretch…and it started to hurt.

“This would be easier with more lube…from now on make sure you have what I tell you to have. Understand?”

“Yes Sir.”

I struggled to take it but finally it was in and he stepped back to admire it.

“Yes…pink IS your color.”

3 thoughts on “a look at my playful Dominant…oh! and a new pink friend

  1. “You want a whip?”

    “Uh…never mind Sir. I think I will stop guessing now.”

    This was just too cute Pixie! Hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable to wear at work, but also hoping you had fun with it!


  2. Very fun and cute post!

    Enjoy your new pink friend. i have a purple friend that i used to think was too big, but now i love it.

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