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helping pixie remember…by Richard

Pixie can’t remember it all, so I have to tell the story.  We were to meet on Thursday night at the apartment.  pixie was to arrive 15 minutes early to change the sheets and get naked.  Her text message said “collar and butt plug?”  And I replied, “just the collar.  Leave the plug for me.”

I arrived to find her standing shyly, naked, with her hands clasped in front of her, providing a bit of modest cover.  She came to me.  I love the way she moves when she sees me, or when I give her permission to come to me – she almost skips through the room, her shyness and eagerness competing.  It is a sight to see. She makes my heart ache.

I held her for a few moments; finally she fell to her knees and wrapped her arms around my legs.  I ran my hands through her hair, holding her, getting her ready for what was to happen between us.  At my direction, she began to help undress me.  I told her to start my shower, and while I was in it to put her cuffs on, ankles and wrists, and meet me with a towel when the shower stopped.

After my shower, I had her lay face down on the bed, head toward the foot.  The bed in the apartment has a shelf unit built over the head board from which I have attached ropes hanging down to the bed.  I stood over pixie, picked her up by her torso and told her to stand on her hands while I attached these ropes to her ankel cuffs.  When I was done, she was suspended by her ankles, but holding herself on her elbows. She’s tiny so this is easy for her.  I took her hands and stretched them out and tied them to the foot of the bed.  She hung, back arched as her hands were pulled toward the foot of the bed, and completely helpless.  I readied her new butt plug, and pushed it into her.  I was in a fairly sadistc mindset, so I did not give her a lot of time to get ready – I just pushed it in and she cried out as the thickest part entered her.

She was completely at my mercy, but I was not in the mood to show her any mercy.  I selected a medium sized cane, the nicest one with the leather handle, and tapped her on the butt to show her what I was using, and then brought it hard across her cheeks.  She gasped.  I repeated the stroke, several in a row.  Beautiful red welts appeared on her ass.  I touched her back with the cane and she writhed in anticipation.  When I touched her cunt it was dripping.   Juice was running down her stomach, KY was running down her butt.  A slight sheen of sweat glistened on her body, a sure sign that she was under stress.  Not that that meant she wasn’t enjoying it.  As I rubbed her cunt, I told her she did not need to ask permission this night, she could cum at will.  And cum she did.  As I rubbed her and caned her she convulsed into a string of orgasms, impossible to know when one ended and another began.  She twisted against the ropes, hanging helplessly, and her body writhed and turned in pleasure and pain.  At one point she cried out, and begged me “not so hard, please…”  While I took this into account, I did not stop, I merely slowed the pace of the caning.  I caned her lightly on her arms, her back, her thighs front and back.  I reserved the severe strokes for her ass, now red all over and covered with welts.  It was beautiful.  I mean, it was truly beautiful.  The whole picture of her hanging there, helpless in her beauty, in pain, cumming almost uncontrollably, totally at my mercy – a Dominant’s dream. Pixie has a way of looking innocent while at the same time feeding every deviant thought in my head.

Finally I stuck two fingers in her and rubbed her g-spot, and continued caning her.  Suddenly, her body stiffened, and she clutched on my fingers, and the most amazing orgasm I have ever seen started.  Suddenly her butt plug (remember her post?  “Wow its big!”) shot out of her butt and rolled down her back.  I tried to stifle a laugh, but she said “what just happened?” and then we both burst into laughter.  Honest to God, she just shot it out, and it has a nice bulge on it – it would never slip out accidently.  It is big!  It was pretty funny, and it effectively ended that part of the scene, lol.

I took her down from the suspension, straddled her body, and began fucking her ass.  I took her knife, the large 10-inch kitchen knife, and began scraping her back, loving that sound the blade makes when it scrapes along her skin.  Then I drew the sharp edge of the blade slowly across her ass several times.  One line in particular began to show small drops of blood.  I repeated this process until I got one or two good cuts in each cheek.  I then returned to the cane, caning the cuts, making them bleed a bit more.  I pressed hard into her and she again went through a series of orgasms.  Serously, the girl can cum like no one I have ever known.  Finally I rolled her over and came in her mouth, making her hold it until she came again for me, then telling her to swallow.

It was a very hard scene – basiclally no warm-up, hard caning, the knife – it went a long way toward pixie and I reestablishing that level of dominance and submission that we have had from the start.  We put aside all the worry and angst, about the future, about the past, about L nonsense – and we just did what we do, strive for that enhanced level of domanance and submission, where the better each of is, the better the other is – it feeds on itself, we feed on each other.  It left us both exhilarated and exhausted.

She begged and begged me not to put alcohol on the cuts, but I did it anyway.  She later asked if I had done it purely for medicinal reasons, or whether her begging and the pain was part of the reason.  I know she was a little disappointed when I told her it was for medical reasons, but I will admit the begging was not a bad thing!

After a rest, I tied pixie’s arms to the head of the bed with her propped up against some pillows on her back.  Yes it was time for some needles.  It had been a long time since we had done needles, in part because it isn’t something you can do often, in part because it takes a long time (and our time together has been less free since L’s return).

After wiping her with alcohol, I put three needles through the skin under each of her arms.  She resisted at first, twisting, and saying “no.”  But after the first two, she relaxed.  She slipped away a little, but not totally.  I then put a needle on each side of each nipple, and then one through each nipple.  That was really the only time she cried out.  I then let her rest and enjoy the sensation.  She turned her hips slightly to one side and I stuck two needles into her butt., and later on more into her thigh near her vagina.  Fifteen needles.  She seemed to slip in and out of subspace, kind of dreamy, yet not totally gone.  She asked me not to take them out yet, and so I left them in a while longer.  Finally, she was pretty much gone into subspace – I quickly removed the needles, and had one or two which bled a bit, so I wiped all of her puncture wounds with alcohol until the bleeding stopped.  I then cleaned up, untied her and held her closely.

It was a strange come-down.  Usually, pixie curls up in a ball for some period of total quietness.  Then she drifts off to sleep for a bit – I can feel her gently shift slightly, and then her breathing changes and I know she is asleep.  After a while, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, she slowly wakens and begins to talk in short sentences spaced well apart.  On this night, she became incredibly sensitive to sound and light.  Every small sound, from the neighboring apartment, the parking lot, the toilet flushing itself (yes, the toilet has a leak so it runs and occassionally refills and sounds like a flush – I’d have the landlord fix it but there is this wooden cross leaning up against the wall…) – at each of these sounds pixie would start, and I would reassure her everything is ok.  But it continued to the point where she was burying her head under the pillow to avoid the sound and light.  This sensation continued until after she was home.  At the end of the night I followed her to her exit to make sure she made it ok, and she said that cars passing her were frightening with the sound and the light and the difficulty she was having with it.  We have never seen anything like this and have no e xplanation for it.

I was a harsh Owner that night.  I demanded much of pixie.  A hard caning, the knife, the needles, all in one night.  I also told her about my fantasy involving nails and razor blades – she says she wants to do it – I think not.  Some things are better left in my perverted mind.  Maybe I will write about this fantasy one day, but I know you will all believe we have actually done it.  Anyway, I mention it only to demonstrate the level our relationship has reached.  She would do anything I asked of her. I love her without bounds.  My job is not to ask too much.  She has no way of protecting herself from the sadism that is in my head – there is complete trust – and it is a responsibilty I understand and take seriously.  I don’t say this to encourage another round of questions: “how do you know when to stop?”, “Do you worry that scary Richard won’t stop?”, etc.  I don’t have the answers to these questions.  I just know that when pixie and I have a night like last Thursday, all that we have, and all that we are to each other, settles back into a good place.  All that we know is coming just disappears in the face of what we have now.  It is good.  That result pixie does remember – the rest she can read here to remind her of the parts she may have forgotten.

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