Happy Birthday pixiepie

Happy Birthday, pixie pie!
pixie had a birthday last week.  She went away for the weekend with a friend, which turned into a total disaster, but I will leave it to her to describe these events if she chooses.  All I know is that I got a series of text messages from her Saturday afternoon, which culminated in a message saying:  “No more friend,  you’re not here, it is storming on my birthday.   Happy Birthday to me.”  This was followed a bit later by another TM saying she was alone and would it be ok if she could see us that day.  I discussed it with L, and a few minutes later, I sent her a TM saying “Make a reservation for dinner for 3 people at 8:30 at the “Photo-Shoot” Hotel.  L says wear something pretty.  See you there.”
We arrived a few minutes late and found pixie at the bar drinking a glass of water, wearing the prettiest blue and white patterned dress.  She was stunning. 
We had a wonderful dinner, and pixie told us we had rescued her birthday from a disaster.  She described the events and we laughed with her. I wanted to distract her. I wanted to be alone with her.
We had a bottle of champagne, and as we neared the end of dinner, L said, “we should just get a room.”  I laughed and said stop it, you don’t mean it.  At the end of dinner, we ordered dessert and decided we really needed another glass of champagne (each, of course!!).  The waiter pointed out that for the price of three glasses we could have another bottle, so we quickly decided to have another bottle!  About half way through the bottle, L again said “we should just get a room,” and again I laughed.  When pixie got up to visit the ladies room, L said “I mean it – we should get a room.  I don’t want to go home and pixie shouldn’t be driving all that way home alone.”  When pixie came back, I excused myself, went to the front desk, and reserved a room.  I came back to the table and told them both we were staying, and everyone laughed.  We finished the second bottle of champagne. Pixie laughed and she reminded me of a Scott Fitzgerald character- naively sophisticated and so beautiful. 
We went up to the desk again, and I checked us in and got a pile of toiletries – razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, tooth brushes, a comb, etc.  We had a small plastic bag of stuff – and no luggage – and up the elevator we went. The rooms there are beautiful, and this one was no exception. It was strange being in this hotel with pixie and L during the photo shoot because pixie and I had been there alone but tonight was less awkward. I’ll always see this as our place.  We got ready for bed, which pretty much consisted of brushing our teeth, washing our faces, and getting naked.  L modestly left her pink panties on, and pixie left hers on as well, trying to keep L from seeing the bruises and cuts on her butt from our meeting a few days earlier.  I crawled into bed between the two of them, and L said “we need some more champagne.”  Fortunately, we had given pixie a bottle of champagne for her birthday!  We decided we would have a little more.  So pixie and L headed down the hall wrapped in a bedspread for some ice, while I began opening the champagne.  Of course, it was warm, so the pressure was intense, and the cork shot through my hand and put a nice dent in the ceiling, and champagne sprayed all over the wall.  Oops!  Meantime, L and pixie are laughing hysterically in the hallway, half naked, trying to get into the wrong room at 1:00 a.m.  Not good!
We drank about 2/3rds of the third bottle.  Finally, I put the rest in the mini-frig and crawled back in between them.  I had one arm around L, a hand cupping her breast.  I had the other hand between pixie’s legs, slowly stroking her, and she had her hand on my groin playing with me.  We were watching The History of Sex on the History Channel, the segment was about the Kama Sutra.  I noticed that L was asleep, and really began to focus on pixie’s cunt.  Then I noticed her hand had stopped moving on me, and I was getting NO reaction to my fingering of her.  None!  Very unusual.  I looked over and she was completely zonked out. I couldn’t believe she fell asleep while I was rubbing her clit!!  She says she merely passed out, lol!  So, all undressed with no place to go, so to speak!  I finally turned over and tried to go to sleep, but spent most of the night tossing and turning. 
When pixie woke I had her snuggled up against me, I gave her that orgasm she missed the night before.  When we all got up, we took showers and finished the last of the champagne.  Somehow pixie managed to keep her back to L through the entire shower and kept her marks hidden.  Then we went out to another fabulous meal, brunch near the hotel – no champagne this time since we were totally champagned out, lol!
We saved pixie’s birthday and had a great time.  The secret seems to be to be casual, have no expectations, avoid sex (drat!) and just enjoy each other’s company.  Did I mention champagne?

17 thoughts on “Happy Birthday pixiepie

  1. Happy birthday indeed pixie!!

    Sorry that things went south with Jackson (not a big surprise in some ways though)

    Sounds like it was a nice relaxing evening for you three, and sometimes, those are the very best. Sounds like some good low key and happy bonding took place, even if there was no sex. Just being together and laughing is a wonderful thing and each bit hopefully will make both L and pixie more comfortable with each other, and in general.

    It would be nice in time if Richard and L could pair more like persephone’s owners in the sharing of things. Perhaps that would make L feel better in the long run and pixie certainly wouldn’t be so lonely. It just takes a while to adapt to something this big. Learning to share in this way can be challenging as well, especially if you didn’t choose it from the beginning.

    Wishing everyone the very best,

  2. Happy Birthday Pixie!! Glad to hear that the day picked up after you met up with Richard and L. Sounds like a good time was had by all that night. I guess we will have to be patient to hear about what happened with Jackson (if you share).

    Have a good one.

  3. Happy birthday Pixie. Best wishes and blessings to you. Oh and please post a pic of yo butt. *grins*.

  4. Happy (belated) Birthday pixie!

    The three of you may often struggle but I think that those “little” things–e.g. L who wants to have dinner on your Birthday instead of making up some excuse–say a lot about how you feel about each other. Lovely.

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