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interactive post. :)

He led her to the stool in the center of the room. It was the kind that sits at the foot of a bed, an ottoman really. It was plush enough so that when he guided her down her knees sank into the softness of the velvety fabric. Her hands were tied tightly behind her back. She was blindfolded and the ends of the blindfold tickled the skin on her back. It distracted her like a fly buzzing or a dripping faucet. She didn’t like that sensation. She shook her head slightly to try and shake the annoyance away but silk only caressed her skin causing her to shiver. There was no need to attempt to speak. He gagged her the minute she entered the room. The taste of rubber was strong in her mouth and already her jaw ached. She knew better than to complain, didn’t really want to. She liked the ache just as she liked the sting that still lingered across each of her cheeks from where he had smacked her face as he attached the ball gag.

She felt a little off balance. Her need to sense and receive sensory input was strong so whenever he took that away from her it shook her somehow. She didn’t like the darkness behind the blindfold and she wished she could use her hands to move the fabric kissing her back or better yet to reach out and touch her Owner’s skin.

He slid a hand between her thighs and forced her legs open slightly. She felt his breath on her shoulder and his hand rested gently around her neck. He buckled the soft leather cuffs around her ankles and joined them together attaching her wrists to her ankles by a rope. She was unable to move off of the ottoman unless she lurched to the side and that would only cause an ungraceful fall to the hard floor beneath her. She didn’t try to struggle, didn’t want to. He placed her collar around her neck.

His hands were now on each of her shoulders steadying her slightly. He pulled her back into him slightly allowing her to rest against his body. She felt the rise and fall of his body as he breathed. And then he was gone.

He left her there. Or maybe he didn’t. She didn’t sense him behind her anymore. Couldn’t smell him or hear his breathing. She couldn’t tell if the lights were on in the room or if she was encased in darkness. She didn’t know that she was in fact in a darkened room. The lights were off but she was not alone. He wouldn’t have left her although he liked the fact she thought he had. He watched her squirm a little on the stool, she was trying so hard to be brave.

He fought the urge to hold her, he fought the urge to hurt her too. She needed it, he needed it and she was his to do with as he pleased. Part of him valued the restraint he could show. He liked controlling himself as much as he liked controlling her. He watched as she curled her small toes and her fist clenched and unclenched. He wondered if he would like binding her hands so that she couldn’t even have that release.

He liked the sound of her breathing behind the gag. It was deeper as if she couldn’t take a full breath. He heard her moan softly and it caused him to close his eyes and take a deep breath of his own. The need in the air was shared, the need to hurt her was strong and it was all around him. He knew he could not wait a second longer.

I’m in an inteactive mood today. 😉 What happens next…you tell me lol!!

6 thoughts on “interactive post. :)

  1. Needles in the nips. Same position, no warning. Then, cane them also without any warning. That’s all i got time for now. Have to go walk my dog.(not a euphemism) =).

  2. fun.

    He pushes her down and forces his massive cock deep inside her sopping pussy. He fucks her hard and makes her beg him through the gag for more and more of it. He is huge and he likes making her cry! He reaches around and pulls at the nipple rings (or fish hooks if this is Richard :)) and pulls and pinches as he fucks her.

    Then he gets out the cane. A big thick one. The kind with no give and pushes her off the bench onto her side where he starts beating her mercilessly.

    God I’m hot.

  3. He takes out the knife. Unsheaths it slowly, but with that quick twist at the end so she hears it just pull free. He can hear her breath quicken as she recognizes the sound. Walking over to his creation he begins at her neck, just where it joins the shoulder. Drawing the point of the knife, outlining her taught muscles, teasing the veins in her neck. How he want’s to cut her, to see the bright red blossom on her pure pink skin.

    back to you

    (pardon my spelling…no spellcheck on comments)

  4. Suddenly she senses his presence in front of her. Before it really registers that he has returned, he has ripped the gag from her mouth. the removel was so sudden that she feels the straps ripping at her hair as it is removed.

    He tilts herr forward off balance. the ottoman doesn’t seem so sturdy now. All her weight is resting on her knees, if he lets go of her head she will fall.

    The gag is replaced with his cock. gravity is helping to force him in deep and fast. She fights the urge to gag or struggle but soon the saliva flows…

    I so need to be used right now! Thanks!

  5. i’ll add to that one….

    not only is the saliva flowing but her cunt juice is thick on her thighs and she aches to be thrown to the ground and ravaged by him. She knows that only he can quell the desire that so rages in her and she growls her frustration missing the gag that kept her from speaking. With a hard hand in her hair he ripped her head back “Did you say something cunt?” Of course she couldnt answer…his cock was too deep in her mouth.
    Pulling out he looked down at her panting her need and with his hand still clutching her hair he smacked her face once and then again pulling dragging her off the ottoman and tossing her to the floor….he stood over her and tried to quiet the force within himself that he knew was so close to being full force…God he needed to hurt her and she (like Inzuga) needed to be used…..

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