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two years…can we celebrate with a de-lurk?

pixiepies secret’s is celebrating its 2nd birthday today….i can hardly believe it. 2 years.

so much has changed in 2 years….so much has happened. thank you my wonderful….wonderful readers for being here for me. for listening and responding…cheering me on…sharing my smiles and my tears. this has been an amazing journey….wow, two years.

this blog has given me so much…it is more than an outlet to pour pieces of myself into…it is comfort and warmth and a soft place to fall into when i need one. thank you to everyone who has contributed to pp secrets these past two years. i often skim back through and read old posts…old comments and i am struck by how real it all is…how much emotion is spread out over two years of love and loss…where i have been and how far i’ve come…the endless snapshots of pain and joy that have confused even the most sensitive reader. there is so much here. so much of me here. thank you again.

It is against all odds….but who thinks i should shoot for another 2 years?

now on with the show…lol

i have lots of new stuff to post..things i have written and have been sitting on…etc. please be patient as i organize my thoughts and get it all posted. oh…and i hate this new format too…give me a day or so to find something new.

**OK…so this format is more reflective of me I think….the green was just horrible and isn’t there something holidayish about this one?

29 thoughts on “two years…can we celebrate with a de-lurk?

  1. Congratulations on 2 years, and thank you for sharing it all with us! I hope to spend many more years reading what you write (if you’ll be as so kind to share). Looking forward to the upcoming posts & the new format.

    Nice pic up the top there Pixie. And I hope you’ve been feeling well of late.

    Lucy xox

  2. Pixie, congratulations on two years, I hope to be reading for many years yet.
    Your and Richards adventures are fascinating, thank you so much for sharing.
    I’ve been reading for most of the time, just don’t comment often.
    Warm hugs,

  3. Happy Blog Birthday, Pixie!

    I’m not real hot for the new format, either – it doesn’t reflect you. But I always find it so cute, this urge you have to periodically rearrange the furniture. It’s a good thing – ever exploring, searching for what feels good, feels right. And sometimes the things that don’t feel so good also play a role in helping us find ourselves…

  4. Not really a de-lurk, but it’s been a while since I commented. I read most of my blogs through the reader now, but I tend to not comment as much as a result 😦

  5. Happy Blog Birthday Pixie…I always lurk and read, so I’m just posting my well wishes to you. Not only is today a day to celebrate, but everyday is!! Many wishes of health and love to you!!

    ~maria fbg~

  6. Dear Pixie

    Happy blog birthday.
    Your blog and your story and your words have touched me, tickled me, grabbed me, cradled me, caught me, smacked me, suffocated me, silenced me…..threaded right the way through me…

    Thank you.

    I hope that the beat of your words continue for many more years Pixie.

    Lovely images too….

    Sending you love and blessings,


  7. I am so proud of you pixie. The new format is perfect for you. It is festive too! Beautiful image. I love this blog I have for two years! You are thought of so often and by so many people. I wonder if you feel the strength we send you?

  8. TWO YEARS!!
    What a journey and there is so much to come for you. I feel it. Not quite delurking because I have commented here before but I always, always read.
    This is a blog I come to and if there is nothing new it sets the tone for the day. Sending love and health your way pixie.
    Is your owner home yet?

  9. What a brave girl. Your spirit is strong enough to ward off most anything pixiepie. I havent always agreed with your words or what you have done or said but I am in love with your spirit, your bravery and resiliency. I have a feeling you will be still very much alive and most likely entangled in some kind of drama love affair two years from now.
    You are lucky that you have Richard in your life. Though there must be a part of you especially now showing you there is so much more than being the sometimes submissive to a married man. He loves you and there is no denying that but there is more and you deserve that pie.

  10. I’ve only been reading for a few months now, but I really enjoy your writing. I haven’t read much of the archives, but it’s exciting that I have two full years to catch up on!

    So, here’s a delurk!

    Happy Blogging Birthday!

  11. Hey there pixie, yes, this pinstripe is light and charming. I like it. And I’m so pleased you’ve got to celebrate this moment on your blog. Yay for you! May you have many, many more. Isn’t Richard home soon? I’m hoping for you that’s a lovely homecoming. Blessings to you!

  12. Pixie,

    What a wonderful two years! I hope that you continue to write and share your experiences. You and Richard are an inspiration for so many readers because of your passion and desire to blaze your own trail. I wish you both luck and health for the next two years!


  13. Pixie,
    I love your blog, you inspire me and I think you are wonderful.
    Here is hoping to two more years!!!

  14. I will say what so many other people are saying. You are an inspiration. I read here all the time. You and Richard have a rare connection that I have often envied.

  15. fun a de-lurking!!
    I admit I lurk. I love your blog, I love the new format and I love reading about your life.
    I have prayed for you health and I think about you often.
    Take care of you!

  16. Happy Blogday Pixie,

    I love your writing and thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us. You have inspired me to explore my own sexual submissiveness and I can finally relate to how you feel.

    I wish you the best and I don’t think your journey is near the end and it pains me when you sound as though it is. Believe that this is just a difficult time in your life and you will get past it and look back on it.

    Be strong until Richard returns, it must seem neverending. I am much like you, my mind never stops and plays tricks on me when I am missing my Sir. So remember the hot, intense moments instead. I adore you!!

  17. I like the new look πŸ™‚ Congrats on hitting 2 years! I often go through my archives as well. It’s kind of fun and emotional. It’s always interesting to see the journey laid out before us. Or be reminded of things lost.

  18. Sad for you pixie. There is a sadness and a longing in your writing. Don’t stop at two years. This world will be a sadder place if you leave.

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