back to stories…

I just feel like imagining….like writing, like remembering….

His words were soft and as close to my heart as they were to my ear. His breath was moist and warm and I tilted my head towards his lips hoping more than hope that they would brush the curl of my ear. My eyes were closed and I willed my body to quiet, begged my heart to be silent so I didnʼt miss a word that flowed from his mouth. His fingers were on my shoulders and I could feel the warmth of his open palms against my collar bone. The size of his hands made me feel small…delicate. He was behind me, his naked chest against the damp skin of my back. He felt solid. My arms were above my head my hands pressed against the old satiny paper on the wall. The room was glowing with morning sunshine and it warmed the air giving everything around us an old fashioned feeling. It made me imagine that we were in an old foreign film and the people who watched us saw our skin in a grainy black and white. Only we were anything but. The colors of his touch exploded around us in sharp breaths and deep moans and we were both vibrant and so much alive.
The back of his hand slid down my back and I trembled as it paused there in the indented place right above the curve of my bottom. His touch was sure and his mouth was against the back of my neck… his other hand resting now on my stomach dipping lower to urge my legs apart.
“Spread your legs for me.” I wiggled my feet apart slightly arching my back pressing my naked bottom closer to him. I silently begged him to take me, knowing he wouldnʼt a second before he wanted to. He was slow with me. He was deliberate and I could tell he was enjoying my nakedness, my position and the way I couldnt help trembling. I needed his hands on me and I opened my mouth to say it to him but couldn’t get anything out. He touched my hair. “Your Master loves you. You don’t have to say anything.”
I was slick for him, hot and opened and my clit was swollen and it ached like a small heart. It pulsed as if it was sending a coded signal to his knowing fingers. I pressed my bottom out just a bit further leaning my chest inward more so my breasts were flattened against the cool wall. “Good girl.” he whispered before his teeth bit into my neck and then again on my shoulder. I knew he marked me and the heat of his mouth was like a brand. His fingers were opening the slick naked lips of my cunt. “God you are so wet…so hot down here for me.” He bit me again this time bending slightly so his brand marked me in the center of my back. I cried out hardly recognizing the almost panicked sound of my own voice. My need was already great and it was building. I felt fevered and was headed to that place where pain was all I needed from him; pain and the unquenchable desire to please him wrapped around me and threatened everything or any limit ever silently established between us.
I didnʼt know what he was going to do to me, I didnʼt care. I only knew I wanted it and I would take it. His hand gripped my arm and pulled me backward turning me so I was facing him and my bottom was now against the wall. My eyes met his chest and I could see his heart pounding. The rhythm matched the ache in my cunt and the dampness was thick on the top of my thighs. He knelt down and roughly pulled my cunt lips apart his mouth sucking the hood of my clit into its heat and nipped at the swollen tender nerve that was hidden within.
Without being told my arms were above my head…. my legs open, always open for him. I was lost in the sensation of having his beautiful mouth tugging at my clit. He paused and I felt a different texture there….I felt a pinch and then a deep pain that turned hot and then warm and I realized he was applying metal clamps to my lips. At one time they had rubbery black tops hiding the sharpened metal teeth but in the height of his sadism he had pulled them off. The metal teeth were like small animals tearing into my bare lips; first two on each side and then two more so the weight of the clips and the linked thin chain that held them together held me open for his inspection. They were like a heavy hands twisting and pulling and when he pulled on the chains I almost dropped to my knees. Whether it was pain or pure masochistic desire…it didnʼt matter to me I was already gone. He fumbled with the metal as if weighing the heaviness of it in his hand before dropping it and letting it hit my legs. Every time he did it the teeth tightened against my skin and the chains felt heavier. “I could hurt you like this all night. Just play with you like this, fill this room with your moans for the rest of the day.”
He reached up and pinched my nipples pulling on them until they stretched far away from my body. I pulled back needing more…wanting more and I felt his fingers slip away leaving my nipples aching. He stood up and showed me that he held more clamps in his hand. Again…my nipples were pinched and pulled away but this time he clamped the metal onto the tender pink skin. I was sure he was piercing me they were so tight. They were pieces of agony dangling from my nipples and when he pulled them I felt the tears explode from my eyes and drip down my heated cheeks. My moan was deep and even my own ears I could tell it was a moan of need….it spoke to him and it whispered…please…please…I am almost there. It was a language he knew and we only spoke it together. “I know..I know…” he murmured. “Iʼm not finished with you yet.”
The chain hanging from my nipples was now a lead and he tugged it hard pulling me forward causing the metal to pinch harder into my skin. He pulled and I followed…and he wasnʼt gentle when he pushed me towards the bed so I was bent over it. The thick whiteness of the comforter was like torture against my nipples…he pressed a hand into my back knowing he forced the metal teeth that were chewing on my cunt lips and my nipples to bite harder.
His hand was on the back of my neck and his other hand had started to spank me hard. The slaps were fast, hard and stinging and I fought the urge to dodge them, to move away. He spoke to me and his voice blended with the cadence of his hand and I was lost in the feeling. I was struggling to catch my breath when he stopped only to replace his hand for the cane. No warm up for me…he rested the cane against my skin for a second before pulling back. It landed across my bottom again and again and I was breathing hard to not cry out…to not step away. And then it happened…that flash that comes across my body. It is right after I realize I am sweating….right after I realize the pain feels warm…and good and then there is this switch. It is when every time the cane makes contact my body just pulses….and flashes and the endorphins are sparking and bright all inside me. There is no pain and it feels like magic all over me. Knowing I am his…and I take this for him adds an element of pleasure and I arch towards his cane and with my body I beg him to not stop…to cane me harder…to cane my back….the backs of my legs…all of me is like a nerve and I feel on the verge of orgasm.
I realize his hand is not holding me down…I am not fighting him or the pleasure of the cane. I am just still beneath it….submitting to him willingly, with all of myself the way he taught me to. He stops caning me and I feel the brush of it against my cheek as he tosses it down beside me. I fight the urge to press my lips to it….in that moment I feel so deeply connected to that extension of him. I feel his hands against my bottom and he is separating my cheeks…I feel him press against me. He whispered for me to relax…to not fight him. He told me to press back against him and I felt his fingers grip my hips tightly. When I did he inched inside me slowly and I felt myself stretch to take him in. I pressed a little more and he gripped me harder and all at once slammed inside me lifting my feet from the floor. He filled me and I felt as if i could explode with the pleasure of his violation. His hand found my clit and rubbed it hard and he knew I was going to cum. The rythm of him deep inside of me and the stretching feeling of having him deep in my ass was overwhelming. The pleasure was almost too intense and when I came I came hard against him throwing myself back to make his deepest thrust even deeper. His fingers had to have been bruising my hips they were holding me so tight. He pressed hard into my back so I was flat against the bed and he continued to take me….it was a pounding rhythm that pulled me in and blocked out everything else. It was a raw primitive feeling of just being taken and used by him…I was blended with him and all the pleasure he was giving me and all the pleasure he was taking from my body.
he told me to reach around and spread my cheeks for him as wide as I could…I obeyed him and he pounded even harder into me…deeper than I thought possible. I felt the sweetest release building way up inside of me and I knew I would cum again…if only he would keep doing it just like that. He didnt stop…and I didnt either and when I came he came and I felt the hot flooding sensation of having him mark me on the inside…like the cane he cut into me and flooded me with pleasure and pain all together. Without leaving my body he moved me so I was nestled against him…so that he was tight against me…almost like I was inside of him too. He moved us to the center of the bed and covered us with the white blanket that was torturing me moments before….I slept.

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