It can always get darker

By Richard.

He stood just more than two feet away from the girl kneeling in front of him. She was looking down, her dark eyes examining some imaginary piece of dirt on the hard wood floor beneath her. She was still dressed. Upon entering the room he immediately instructed her to kneel. She obeyed him and slipped gracefully to the floor where she knelt prettily her unbound arms above her head, her delicate fingers laced together.
He walked around her and stood slightly off to the side as if assessing her from all angles. She shifted just a little to watch him as she was a little unsure of his intent.
“I rarely punish you. You rarely give me cause and I have no desire to play that game with you. Tonight is not a punishing you. You please me, you are pleasing me now. Tonight is about pain. Your pain and I crave it tonight.”
She squirmed a little and he could hear her breathing quicken and he knew his words were both arousing and frightening to her. He had hurt her before, many times in fact and yet there was something different in his mind tonight. He felt a stark callousness towards his submissive tonight that had nothing to do with his true and deep feelings for her. There was a raw almost primitive need inside of him that had been growing. He owned her. She was his to do with as he pleased and he saw no good reason to not take advantage of the gift before him.
“Stand up.” She obeyed him and stood up as gracefully as she had knelt. He noticed the redness on her knees from the hard floor and he noted to himself even that slight discoloration on her skin that he caused thrilled him. He was going to rough with her tonight both in his words and with his hands. She kept her hands laced together above her head and looked at him with eyes that were filled with trust and a little fear.
“It is good to be a little scared of me, isn’t it?” He stood in front of her and ran his hands down over her body possessively, roughly loving the feel of her even above her clothing. The white shirt she was wearing has small buttons on it and one by one he opened her top baring her soft white skin, He slid the cotton down on her shoulders and pulled her bra down so that her small but sweetly firm breasts were displayed. Moments like this he often fought the urge to gently suck and kiss her nipples. No gentleness tonight.
He attached two metal clamps to her small nipples. The steel was sharp and biting and with any encouragement from him or any resistance from her they would break her skin. She moaned and tossed her head back a little trying to stay on top of the sudden pain that jumped around her chest. His hands cupped her breasts and shook them hard back and forth causing the metal to tighten and pull. He slapped each breast hard watching her face, watching her eyes and knowing she was his. Knowing this pain would be slight compared to where his mind was already taking her. He slapped each breast again and again noticing with great pleasure that her nipples were bleeding slightly. He pulled on the clamps and felt her sway as if the pain was almost too much.
“Undress for me.” With shaky hands she pulled off her blouse and bra and he took them from her. Her skirt and panties followed and he tossed everything to the side. Naked now she stood in front of him. Her small breasts were red from his hands and her nipples looked as if they were already raw. By her hair he pulled her down to her knees and kicked her legs apart. He pressed her chest down to the floor so her bottom was in the air. When her breast made contact with the hard floor she almost screamed out in pain. He closed his eyes and tried to absorb the beauty of that sound.
He pressed her harder into the floor knowing the clamps were tearing into her delicate skin. She moaned.
“Sit up you little cunt. Tell me what you are.” he said his hand around her throat.
“A cunt, your cunt Sir.”
“Good girl, good cunt.” he said emphasizing the word. His hand slipped between her legs and encountered her dripping wetness. He loved her responsiveness to him…her eagerness to please him. “What a wet cunt you are…what a bad little cunt you are for getting this wet. Aren’t you?” He slapped her face hard four or five times keeping his other hand stroking her cunt. She was pressing against him and was almost ready to cum when he stopped. Hard hands pushed her and she fell backwards onto the bed. He straddled her and pulled again on the metal clamps watching the sharp teeth pinch into already bloodied skin.
Giving them a quick and final twist he removed them. This time she did scream. His fingers were pinching and twisting her tormented nipples as she thrashed beneath him.
He slapped her face again this time harder and he told her to hold still.
“I am not even close to being finished with you.” He replaced the metal clamps with tight wooden clothes pins. He didn’t stop with her nipples. He covered her breast with clothes pins…he added some down her side and right beneath her arms where he knew the skin was incredibly sensitive.
“Roll over.” She rolled onto her stomach arching up suddenly against the pain from the clothes pins biting into her skin. He lay on top of her pressing his weight into her causing the pins to pull and bite. Her nipples were agony for her and she moaned and begged him to stop.
He pressed her face into the bed and imagined she couldn’t breathe. He pressed it harder down into the soft bedding and felt the resistance as she struggled to find fresh air. He felt a great power from his control and domination of her. He released her and he reveled in the sounds of her gasping for air as she lifted her head.
He had about three more dozen clothes pins and he added them to the skin on her back. He created a straight line directly down her spine and added the rest to the backs of her thighs. He left her bottom bare knowing he had other plans for it.
“I want you to get up and then crawl into the bathroom for me. I have a special treat for my cunt today.”
She gingerly slid off the bed and crawled towards the large bathroom. Her every move sent pain rippling through her body. It was a good pain she realized, it was the kind of pain that fed that dark part of her. She loved it. She loved it when he stopped her mid crawl to spank her bottom hard…that he reached around her and pulled on the pins attached to her nipples. She loved this pain that pulled her submission out. His hand landed harder and harder on her bottom until she felt herself scoot along a little on the hard floor from its force. He spanked her again and again and she lifted her bottom to him and she was thankful for every time his hand made contact with her skin.
“You need to work on your crawling.” He said this as the spanking slowed. He left her for a second and returned with her heavy black collar. He laced it around her neck and then added the lead to it. She was humiliated. He loved it.
“Now you truly are a pet, my pet.” He pulled hard on her leash forcing her head against the floor. Her chest again against the hardness of the wood beneath her..and he spanked her again.
They finally made it to the bathroom and she liked the cool feeling of the tile on her knees. He attached her leash to the hook on the back of the bathroom door and had her bend over the bathtub. “Do you know what I am going to do to you?”
“First I am going to remove some of these clothes pins.” He savagely yanked three from her back and then three more before she had the chance to recover. He was thrilled that she was so well trained that she held her position. Her cry of pain was still in his ears and he knew there would be more of that. It was the only reason he didn’t gag her.
She heard him begin to unbuckle his belt. She knew that sound and she knew what it meant. The next sound she heard was the leather slipping out from the buckles and again she heard the metal buckle chime.
“This is what I am going to do. Now be a good little girl for me and listen. I am going to beat you with my belt. Hard. So hard you will be begging me to stop. Then I am going to turn you over and beat your breasts with my belt. I am going to beat off all the clothes pins except for the ones on your nipples. Get used to them they aren’t going anywhere. After that I am going to do something I have waited a long time to do. I am going to give you an enema. That’s right….I am going to fill your little ass up with warm water and then plug you up real tight. What does my little cunt think of that? Three holes, remember…that is what you are. Say it to me.” He watched her squirm over the high bathtub and he knew the clothes pins were still hurting her. His cock ached and he needed to be inside of her.
“I am your three holes Sir.”
“Tell me again.” And she did. “I can do anything to you, can’t I? My own little slut…my wet dripping pain slut.” He brought the belt down across her back leaving a ladder of redness the entire way to her bottom. He doubled the belt over and beat her bottom with it until it was so red it appeared almost shiny. She whimpered and begged him to stop and he made her beg him for more. He used the belt on the backs of her legs where the clothes pins were still attached. He was relentless in his swing and soon the cushion the clothes pins gave was gone as the pins flew off her red thighs. He continued to punish her loving the sound of leather against skin. He caught her by the hair and pulled her off the side of the tub and down onto the floor. She was on her back and he stood over her. “Cunt.” he whispered before using the single strap of the belt to knock off the clothes pins that hadn’t already came off.
He placed his foot against her throat and pressed down just hard enough to restrict her breathing a little. She kept her hands on the floor and never tried to move his foot. She was struggling for air but he wasn’t ready to release her. Instead he leaned down and pulled up on the clothes pins still on her nipples. She gave a gargled almost silent scream and he lifted his foot long enough to she could draw a ragged breath before once again placing it on her throat. He pulled again on the clothes pins twisting them roughly loving the sounds she was making as he hurt her. He straddled her again right there on the bathroom floor. His hands pulled at her nipples…smacking her breasts over and over. The feel of her squirming and moaning in pain beneath him was incredible. He ripped off the clothes pins just so he could put them back on. He did this two or three times until her nipples were purple and swollen. He put them back on and left.
He lifted her head up slightly and pressed his cock against her lips. He fucked her mouth hard….thrusting in deep until she almost gagged. He thrust in as deep as he could and held his cock in her mouth forcing her to take all of him. “Good cunt” he said pulling out and wiping his cock across her face loving the shame that flashed in her eyes. “Are you ready for your enema?”
She shook her head slightly and said no…that she was embarrassed, scared.
He wanted her that way…this was uncharted territory for her. It wasn’t as if he was into this type of dynamic…but he was into humiliating her and this was certainly a great way to make that happen.
He had her lay across the tub again. He slipped a dry finger into her bottom causing her to cry out a little. He pressed it deeper into her and then made her ask for it. “Where is my finger slut?”
“It is in my ass…”
“Ask me to give you an enema…tell me my little girl needs her daddy to get her all cleaned up. Say it?”
She stumbled a little but she obeyed him…loving the daddy little girl dynamic he threw in.
“Please daddy.” she repeated. “please give your little girl an enema…please Sir.”