Room 212

I knocked softly on the door. My stomach is all over the place as it always is when I go to him. My mind is starting to get quiet as if in preparation for all the places it will go in the next few hours. My heart is racing because I am so excited to see him again. It has been only a few days yet I ache.
We decided to not renew the lease on the apartment so we meet again in a hotel between my town and his. Funny….it is less than a ten minute drive for each of us. It is convenient. We miss the apartment, it was a quiet little haven for us but it didn’t make sense to keep it when we thought we weren’t going to use it as often. Going to a hotel makes it seems different than us having a little place where we could meet anytime. I think we might think again on such an arrangement.
He answered the door. And he didn’t pull me inside or reach to hug me. Instead he took my bag and tossed it inside and then stood in the doorway.
“What’s wrong?” I asked him. He just stood there and gave me that look before saying, “Take off your clothes
He wasn’t smiling. He was serious. My face flushed and I felt humiliated beyond belief that he would ask me to do that. There were at least fifteen other doors behind me not to mention an elevator back there somewhere and a lobby full of people a floor down.
There was no hint of amusement in his expression. There was no question that he expected me to obey him. I have always known there is really only one rule between us… everything he tells me to do.
I pulled my top over my head and handed it to him. I slipped my shoes off and flipped them past him into the room. I slid my pants down and handed them to him too.
I stood naked in front of him a moment later.
“Take a step back.”
I obeyed him again more concerned with him seeing me now than anyone else. I stepped fearlessly backward into the hallway. My eyes never left his. His eyes never left the skin I had just uncovered; he looks at my body every time as if it were the first time he has seen it.
It was only then he reached for me and pulled me inside.