The thin line. Always crossed.

The setting: the apartment.
The Players: pixie  and Richard
The Scene: pixie is naked except for a bra and cami, pulled roughly down around her midriff.
Richard,… well he is naked except for his socks, like some 50’s porn movie.
From their attire, one might conclude that the dis-robing was done hurriedly.
Richard: Is it me, or is it you, or maybe it is us?
I start to touch you, I am full of tenderness, and somehow, somewhere along the way, the touch turns to cruelty. Is it what is inside me, or is it you drawing it out of me, or is it just the chemistry between us? I feel tender, and as my hand runs across your body, I find Scary Richard lurking and my touch turns to a grab, a pinch, a twist of flesh, mauling you and hurting you. It comes on me slowly sometimes, and other times it is like a switch is thrown – instantly the cruel hand is on you.
pixie: I don’t know; I think it is both of us.
Richard is laying on top of pixie. It is clear she needs something, but she doesn’t know what it is. Richard knows it is that cruelty, that pain, – that is what is missing.
Richard reaches across the bed and pulls up a pair of wire cutters and lays them on pixie’s chest. pixie gasps… a huge intake of air… and immediately turns her head to the side.
Richard: That scares you, doesn’t it? Don’t go away now, stay here with me.
Richard opens the jaws of the wire cutters as far as they will go. He slips the open cutters onto pixie’s erect nipple, the blades gently squeezing it.
Richard: Don’t turn your head away, I want you to look at it. Look at it!
pixie reluctantly looks down at her nipple, caught between the blades. Immediately she looks away again.
Richard: I said look at it. It could cut your nipple right off, couldn’t it?
pixie looks. She is breathing rapidly, almost hyperventilating. Her look is one of fear. Scary Richard is just below the surface. Richard takes the cutters off her nipple. He pinches up some skin on her breast and gently closes the cutters on the skin, pinching it with the blades. Her breathing quickens again. Richard drags the cutters around her body. He moves down to her cunt, taking her lips between the blades, applying enough pressure that she knows what he is doing. Her almost panicked breathing has not subsided. Richard puts the blade aside for a minute and resumes fucking her, making her moan, watching the look on her face. The combination of lust and fear and desire. It is a wonder, this thing that happens between us. It brings Scary Richard closer to the surface.
Again, the cutters come back into the picture. pixie’s expression doesn’t change as much this time. There is still fear, but it is controlled fear. And with it is that look of being owned, of knowing that whatever Richard chooses to do with those wire cutters is what will happen, a look almost of acceptance and even more – want, desire, need.
An amazing look.
Scary Richard moans with his own need, his need to hurt and take her, his need to merge into her all while being as cruel as only he can be. The tension is in the air –so thick it is hard to breath. Again the cutters are dragged across her body, stopping at tender spots. Richard pushes deeply into pixie, he puts the wire cutters over pixies earlobe, he gently squeezes them so that they are tight against her earlobe. Scary Richard is there, he breathes into her ear, all the time thrusting into her.
pixie: Do it.
Two little words, and at that moment both of them knew what being owned meant; what all the ramifications were, how deeply it went into the very darkest corners of their relationship. Richard recognized that those two words were perhaps more than “I love you” could ever say. Those two words cut into his brain like nothing else could have.
“Do it,” she said. “Do it.”