why she loved him


“You will do what I want, every time.” Richard

Today, pixie asked me what would happen if she didn’t do what I asked her to do. She used as an example a situation during the scene we had just had where I had begun to tie her in a position of some vulnerability, and she had resisted. She was asking me what would have happened if she had just not done it. In response to the question, I said that I would do just what I had done in the scene – if it was something she was afraid of, or something that I knew she was finding particularly difficult, something new and a bit scary, I would slow the scene, talk her through it, reassure her, comfort her as needed, until she got to where I wanted her to be.

She said something along the lines of “so it is always just going to happen no matter what?” I must have had a puzzled look on my face, because she went on to say that in the past she always knew exactly what would happen if she didn’t do as she was told or did something to displease her Dom. She said she felt that our relationship was a little fuzzy in that regard.

I am afraid I was still scratching my head over this. I told her that I wasn’t about to make rules for those situations where she didn’t do what I said because that possibility never occurred to me. No, even stronger: I do not recognize it as a possibility, that is not a possible outcome. Why would I even spend a minute thinking about that.

You will do what I want, every time.

I just didn’t understand the question.

Rules for what happens if you just don’t do it?

What? Does not compute.

I am thinking this came up because our little pixie likes certainty, so she likes rules. She hates it when the answer is “depends,” or “whatever makes sense.” She likes A or B. Doesn’t matter which; just one or the other. I have about two rules in my arsenal.

Rule 1: be obedient, do as you are told.

Rule 2: unless I whisper in your ear “are you OK?”, in which case you should answer truthfully, during a scene the answer is always “Yes.”

It isn’t that hard to state the question so that the answer is always “yes” nor is it a difficult concept to understand.

So, two rules: obey, and never say “No.”

Pretty simple.

But to keep our little pixie feeling moored, we have developed some other rules governing certain aspects of her conduct. However, I am not going to start listing infractions with sentencing guidelines for violations. Ms. Anna and I both get that. Now Pixie gets it too. And there was no need to develop a consequence for the situation where my expectations are not met.

With apologies to Descartes, I expect, therefore I get.

From Richard

“Another thought on this – you take the pain for me, but really it gives

you pleasure. This that doesn’t, you resist.

Which is the more submissive? Which is more important in serving your

Dominant? That which you enjoy and comes easy? Or that which is

mentally hard for you but gives him great pleasure? Think about it that

way – think about it as a submissive gift to me – one that gives me great